What is a Turtleshel?

When conditions just do not allow you to use your 5th wheel, conventional travel or tent-trailer or R.V., THINK TURTLESHEL!! The Turtleshel is an innovative, new design in multi-use, mobile, portable shelters. Wherever your PICK-UP TRUCK can take you, now, your home away from home can just come with you!!!

Affordable, cost-effective, a fraction of the price compared to those standard $25,000.00 plus truck-camper units. The Turtleshel also proves itself to be much more versatile.

Ideal for camping, fishing and hunting!! A great home base for those weekend getaways with your quads, trail bikes, cross-country bikes or snowmobiles. An actual palace when used for ice-fishing! Perfect, for those pack-trips with your favourite horses. Incredibly effective design for the outdoor professional...Fish and Game, Oil Company Consultants and Inspectors, Surveyors and land agents to name just a few. Military and Emergency relief applications are even being looked at!!

From a short, to a long box, simple, quick and easily secured in any pick-up truck. Enables the user, a warm, dry, secure, above ground accommodation or work space, while still having the use of the vehicles ability to tow a trailer of they’re choice (IE. Quad, snowmobile, boat, or any other industry related trailer). Optional ground deployment for that cozy, toasty-warm, ice-fishing shelter, or, even a temporary hunting accommodation.

Ground-breaking engineering design allows for quick and easy deployment in minutes.


Over 10 feet wide, almost 6 feet deep, and almost 6 feet high.

Heavy-duty, weather proof, durable designed panels using state of the art processes in ABS Thermoforming technology including protective coatings.

Comes with a locking trailer-style access door with incorporated screen and window, also included is functioning side windows.

4 removable, access panels in floor structure, enable the user to access cargo area in pick-up. During ground deployment for ice-fishing, these same access panels serve as your 4 drilling ports for your ice-auger. Plenty of room for 4 adults sitting comfortably.

Top grade aluminum and stainless steel for all the mechanical components.

Roof venting included, with optional solar powered reversible fan.

Less then 300 pounds, total weight.

Optional, rear panel, top window available. Also available on the rear panel is a functioning lower window for accessing the vehicles cab (for trucks equipped with a rear sliding glass).

Optional skylights for the roof, and, or, a solar powered skylight with inverter and battery storage for interior, exterior lighting and other electrical needs.

Optional, portable, outside mounted, propane fired heat pump for those cold winter days ice-fishing, or blistering hot sunny days around the lake.

Optional, full-size cargo drawer, attached to the underside of the Turtleshel floor organizing everything you have, where you want it and how you want it.

Optional, compact, collapsible step ladder with hand rails, allowing for extra ease of access from ground, to tailgate, to Turtleshel entry point.

Also available are many more outdoor enthusiast necessities.


How much does the Turtleshel cost?

We are planning for a retail price of $3995.00 not including any of the ancillary options that are available.

Where can I physically see one in real life?

We have a commercial building in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta which will be fully operational in March 2013.

When will the Turtleshel be available for purchase?

Our first 200 units should be available in March 2013.


We will reserve, secure and guarantee 1 Turtleshel unit for the first 200 applicants who complete the reservation form to the right.

Watch the “UNIT AVAILABILITY COUNTDOWN CLOCK’ When the clock reaches,” Units Available 0”, you should still put in your reservation, because chances are there could be cancellations within the first 200 units....therefore we will follow in order of priority the list beyond the 200 unit mark.

When the Turtleshel units become available for delivery or pick up, we will contact these first 200 applicants. When contacted, the first 200 applicants to secure the Turleshel with a valid deposit will become our first 200 unit customers. Once payment arrangements have been made, your Turtleshel will be either shipped to you or will be ready for pick-up if you are local.

Is there a discount available for multiple unit purchases?

Yes, contact Turtleshel at 780-999-5490 for more information.

Are distribution rights available?

Yes, contact Turtleshel at 780-999-5490 for more information.

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